Our Service

Quality Control

Ningbo Style Plastic Factory strives to ensure that all products are compliant with customers’ legal requirements and quality standard through strict supplier management, QC inspection and product testing. We address the diverse needs of different regions and consumers by offering differentiated products and services. By building a high standard, win-win ecosystem based on open collaboration with partners, our ultimate goal is to gain higher customer satisfaction and long-term business relationship.


One of our important missions is to offer our customer the optimal prices of their product choice with highest quality and delivery. Therefore, according to the customers’ actual requirements, we help to analyze all aspects of the situation, then provide them with the reasonable suggestions and solutions for reference. With our strong product knowledge and expertise of the garden industry, customer can always find the right product at the right price.

Product Design

By doing frequent market research and analyzing existing products, Ningbo Style Plastic Factory is committed to introducing a substantive range of new products every year along with eye catching packaging. We even created our own brand Wonderful Garden® which focuses on our innovative design of products and private molds. By recommending customers the right product with unique design and functionality, we aim to help upgrading their product line and enlarging their market share by launching the first fresh new products. Any new ideas are welcome to talk to us; we will help to turn your imagination into actual product.